Why MicroMBAskills?

Main aim:
The cost of online Business Education should be less than the cost of the MBA application!

There was a time when getting admission to an MBA college was considered to be a great achievement!

Of course today, most graduates get into employment immediately after completion of their graduation, and often do not have the opportunity of attending a full-time MBA program.

With the rapid advancements in technology, it has now become possible to attend course online, and hence many people have been looking for an opportunity to do an Online MBA. Even executives and professionals already working in the corporate world aspire to pursue an online MBA Degree.

While many online MBA programs are found to impart conceptual knowledge to the learners, there is clearly a huge gap in terms of exposure to the actual industry practices, which can be bridged only through well-researched, and professionally compiled case studies.

And hence, the need for MicroMBAskills.

In addition, the cost of pursuing a full-time MBA program in an accredited business school is not something that is affordable for everyone. Do you know that the average cost of completion of a 2-year MBA program in India with a reputed college is in the range of 3 lakhs to 12 lakhs? Of course, it is an entirely different matter that even after someone really manages to complete the 2-year MBA Program, there is no assurance of employment!

And hence, the need for MicroMBAskills, which costs an amount which is just about equal to one MBA college application!

We know that currently most of the academic courses offered by colleges and universities in India focus on imparting concepts-based knowledge, which can as well be garnered by the learners by reading a couple of text books; there is clearly an acute shortage of skills and abilities in our graduates who pass out of the colleges and universities across the country.

This is also applicable to the full-time MBA programs as well as online MBA programs offered by a host of institutes and agencies.

So, how does one prepare oneself for the complex and ever-increasing responsibilities being bestowed upon the executives and professionals in the industry?

Simple – make it a habit to regularly read business magazines, newsletters, and put continuous effort to study the successes and failures of businesses across the world.

But, it is a fact that today we do not have a single source of such case studies, which a management professional can turn to, for assistance and guidance and for enriching his knowledge, skills, as well as abilities.

Hence, the need for MicroMBAskills.


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