Who Should Join this MicroMBAskills Course?

Irrespective of your age, qualification, or experience, you should join this MicroMBAskills course if:

a. You are a fresher, and intend to acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities to launch your career in the corporate world.

b. You are an MBA / pursuing your MBA and intend to learn the practical way, by indulging in case studies.

c. You are already employed, and intend to grow higher up in your organization by polishing your skills.

d. You already manage a team of people and wish to strengthen your managerial skills, by studying how and why businesses succeed or fail.

e. You are a business owner, and aspire to take your business to the next level, by emulating what successful businesses do, and by avoiding the pitfalls which cause the failure of businesses.

f. You are a management professional / management professional, and aspire to use case studies to analyze your clients’ businesses and help them grow quicker.


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