After going through this site I felt it is a
good starting point and an even better platform
to plan for the process of MBA.
MicroMBA does a real good job of clearing up
your head, giving a direction and pertinent points
to improve. Worth it.

Marina Royan from TCS Mumbai.
Even grads of the best business schools would
gain significantly from this site.
MicroMBA is a real boon for the students and executives.
The contents captured in short easy-to-view and
menu-driven audio-video capsules and presented
in a simple read-what-you-like-first buffet format!

S.H.Ayyer Technologist & Entrepreneur from Bangalore
I am basically a Marine Engineer,I had no idea
about MBA but MicroMBA changed my life in 2 days!
Today my MBA friends are
scared to talk me !!
Very interesting,informative and inspiring.
Hats off MicroMBA.

T J Kesava Murthy Chief Engineer & Officer in Command

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