What Will You Learn in MicroMBAskills Course?

The MicroMBAskills Course gives you the opportunity of strengthening your managerial skills through an innovative learning approach – Case Study Analysis.

By the end of this course you will be able to understand:

a. Proven Business Strategies and How Some Companies Applied them.

b. Smart Management Decisions and How some Business Leaders Implemented them.

c. The implication of Wrong Management Decisions.

d. The Nature of Education Successful Business Leaders Undergo.

e. How Branding is Done by Successful Companies.

f. How Business Partnerships are Done.

g. How Original Business Ideas Work.

h. How Business Owners or Business Ideas were Ridiculed.

i. How Family Business Succession Happens.

j. Personal Lives of Business People.

k. Examples of Commendable Employee Performance in the Corporate World.


The following is the list of Video Case Studies you will get access to, once you enroll for the course:

Business strategies proven 
(14 video lessons)
Smartest Management decisions by companies or business leaders 
(10 video lessons)
Wrong decisions taken by companies or business leaders 
( 3 video lessons)
Commendable employees performance in corporate world 
(8 video lessons)
Education of business leaders 
(6 video lessons)
Branding of some companies
(7 video lessons)
Business Partnerships 
(3 video lessons)
Business owners or business ideas were ridiculed 
(5 video lessons )
Original business ideas 
(4 video lessons)
Professional turned business people 
(5 videos lessons )
Family business succession 
(3 video lessons)
Personal life of Business people 
(10 video lessons)
Mixed Bag from various companies 
(4 video lessons)


Sample Video #5

Sample Video #6