Frachisee Details

Franchisees wanted

( in your Area, City, Districts all over Tamil Nadu )

About the Company/Franchisor: Micromba Education Private Limited is a Chennai based company involves in Management training following ‘made easy’ way.

About this course: Micromba Skills is an audio-visual based ‘made easy’ Management Course, owned by Micromba Education Private Limited and has more than 60 video lessons. And the total duration of the course is around 7 hours and it is a ‘made-easy’ program,content-rich with case studies.

Who can be the Franchisee: Fresh entrepreneurs or Housewives or existing business owners in any industry including Training Institutes can also apply.

Business Plan for Franchisees:You will have to screen/show/run these video lessons to the Students/Executives through your PC (preferably with a small projector). As a franchisee, you will have to collect the course fees Rs 2000 from the participants for this course. Based on your convenience or participant’s convenience, you can choose the timing for training.

Option 1: Week End (Saturday or Sunday) Duration: One full day.

Option 2: Week End (Saturday and Sunday) Duration: 2 full days.

Option 3: Week Days (Monday-Friday) roughly around 90 minutes for 5 days.

(If it is Week-End course, you will have to provide Lunch, Snacks & Tea to them).

For all the options, at the end of the course, on the same day, you have to issue a certificate (in our format) to the participants.

Franchisee Net Profit (per Participant): Your Net Profit (per Participant) will be Rs 2000 minus the cost of lunch/snack/tea/certificate and other expenses.

(And the good news, you need not to pay the commission to the Franchisor…!  )

Franchisee Fees Rs 50,000

And you have also to pay yearly renewal fee of Rs 5000 at the end of each year for our update in the course.

For more details Call : 8122003545 / 6382023294