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Learn 300 Management Skills as Micro-case Studies in video format

Acquire Managerial Skills by Studying Case Studies on Business Strategy, Smart Management Decisions, Original Business Ideas and Branding Strategies.


T J Kesava Murthy

I am basically a Marine Engineer, I had no idea about MBA but this “MICROMBA SKILLS” changed my life in a week. Every page is like a MBA guest lecture. Undoubtedly it is very interesting, informative and inspiring with case studies.

Above all, now a days, my MBA friends are scared to talk me…!

Chief Engineer & Officer in Command US Navy Ship Admiral Wm. Callaghan at Alameda, CA 94501, USA.

Prathipa Paramaguruparan MBA,

This book “MICROMBA Skills” is an extraordinary idea to enhance the managerial skills. It provides brilliant answers to the critical questions viz. ‘When, What, Why, Where and How’ that were essential to the business success. This book covers, from ideas to strategies, strategies to execution and execution to results. And it also provides content rich case studies with analysis for leadership skills.

Last employed as a manager in CRISIL GR&A.

Marina Royan

After going through this site I felt it is a good starting point and an even better platform to plan for the process of MBA. MicroMBA does a real good job of clearing up your head, giving a direction and pertinent points to improve. Worth it.

TCS Mumbai