About Us

Micromba Education Private Limited has been established with the objective of imparting practical knowledge and exposure to individuals who aspire to grow in their career and pursue higher echelons of the corporate ladder.

We offer an online course, MicroMBAskills, consisting of well-researched and professionally compiled business video case studies. Right from the basics of business ideas, to more complex areas like business strategy, branding, smart decision making, and business partnership are explained using real-life case studies from across the globe.
The course derives its strength from the wide experience of the Founder Director of Micromba Education Private Limited, Mr. P. Hari.

He has spent an enormous number of hours studying and analyzing businesses and corporates the world over, for more than 20 years. Over the last couple of years, he has written and published many blogs on various topics related to management areas.

His writings and blog posts are now digitized into an online course in the form of business video case studies, so those complex concepts can also be presented in a way which is easy to comprehend and digest by even an entry-level management graduate!